Virtual Girl Screen Cleaner

Let our hot women in bikinis go to work on your filthy disgusting screen! She doesn't complain and will work overtime on scrubbing every inch of your computer until it's clean. Sit down with your friends and our hot chicks go to work. Every time you share our model we will buy one a drink.

Virtual Women Screen Cleaner

Let our resident chick go to work cleaning on cleaning your computer screen virtually. She works to clean your screen digitally by us rubbing peanut butter on a clear glass window.
Are our virtual chicks not cutting it for you? Well then the best way to clean your computer or laptop screen at home is with a soft microfiber cloth or towel. Avoid at all costs any multi-surface cleaner that contains acetone because it can damage your screens protective coating.

Hot Women Properly Clean Your Computer Screen

Ok enough, to properly clean your screen never use any alcohol-based products on your screen. Most people think cleaners like Windex would work, but are very bad for monitors and screens. We strongly disagree with using Windex. There is a coating on your LED or LCD screen that can actually come off with too strong of a product like Windex.
The best way to properly clean your screen is with a super soft cloth and just a dab of water. The best cloths to use are the automotive clothes made of microfiber. These are the clothes you would typically use when you are buffing or waxing your car. The have a super soft feel to them and are very gentle on your screen.