Virtual Cat Screen Cleaner

Let our fluffy kitty clean your screen! Our virtual cat will work overtime on licking every last bit of that computer screen until it's clean. Sit down with your friends and family and watch Sylvester go to work. Every time you share our kitty cleaner we will give her a treat.

Virtual Cat Screen Cleaner

Let our cat go to work cleaning on cleaning your computer screen virtually. She works to clean your screen digitally by us rubbing tuna on a clear glass window.
Is our virtual cat not cutting it for you? Well then the best way to clean your computer or laptop screen at home is with a soft microfiber cloth or towel. Avoid at all costs any multi-surface cleaner that contains acetone because it can damage your screens protective coating.

Properly Clean Your Computer or Laptop Screen

First, never use any alcohol-based products on your screen. Most people think cleaners like Windex would work, but are very bad for monitors and screens. We strongly disagree with using Windex. There is a coating on your LED or LCD screen that can actually come off with too strong of a product like Windex.
The best way to properly clean your screen is with a super soft cloth and just a dab of water. The best cloths to use are the automotive clothes made of microfiber. These are the clothes you would typically use when you are buffing or waxing your car. The have a super soft feel to them and are very gentle on your screen.

Why Does The Internet Love Cats And Dogs

Is it me or the internet obsessed with cats and dogs?

Well, both cats and dogs are the internet's premier pets. Gifs, pictures, and videos of cats and dogs have a high search volume on the internet. One thing is for sure: As long as the worldwide web exists, there will always be a space for content on cats and dogs! 

Whether we're a pet parent or not, it's probably safe to say that cats and dogs are something everyone on the internet and social media enjoys. 

Why do we like cats and dogs?

Humans' fascination for pets is hardly new. Paintings of cats and dogs date back thousands of years. Egyptians have even mummified some cats just like humans. 

Konrad Lorenz studied the cuteness in cats and dogs. He put together a list of things like small body size, large eyes, and round cuddly features, that we consider cute. Seeing a cat or dog triggers a loving, nurturing feeling that brings in a desire to take care of them, cuddle them, and simply go awwwww!

Here's a list of some of the pets that are considered the cutest and most aesthetically pleasing in the world:


% Adherence to the Golden Ratio














Dog (averaged across 100 breeds)


Pictures, gifs, memes, and videos of cats and dogs are quirky and expressive. They seem to keep the attention of even the fastest-browsing web user.

Why are cats more popular than dogs on the Internet? 

Among all pets, "cats" are the most searched-for animals on the web. The youtube videos starring cats have more than 26 billion views. This makes cats one of the most popular categories on youtube.

On Instagram, Reddit, Buzzfeed, and Youtube, there are plenty of daily new posts, videos, and pictures on both cats and dogs. Even YouTube videos get more searches for dogs as compared to cats. However, cat content always gets more viral than dog content. 

Cats are internet veterans and have a very strong presence. According to some sources, cats drive almost 15 percent of all internet traffic. There are also about 30 million Google searches per month for the search term “cat". Instagram is really their online habitat. 

Famous internet cats

Some of the popular internet celebrity cats are:

Grumpy Cat

Lil Bub (Lillian Bubbles)

Colonel Meow

Oskar and Klaus

Venus the Two-Faced Cat

Hamilton the Hipster Cat

Grandpa Mason


Maru, master of boxes

Cole and Marmalade - the rescued kitties

Famous internet dogs Here’s a list of the famous internet celebrity dogs:

Boo the Pomeranian

Jiff the Pomeranian

Doug the Pug

Maru the Shiba

Tuna the Chiweenie

Marnie the rescue dog Manny the Frenchie Minnie Max - the head-tilting Pugs

Mishka the talking Husky

Corgnelius the Corgi

Final thoughts

With the Covid pandemic and so much more going on in the world, sometimes we all need a little break. The content on cats and dogs help us to relax, smile, clear our head, and enjoy the love that comes from watching a wonderful animal. 

And if you're looking for the warmth and love of a furry companion, it's a great option to get a foster cat or dog from your local shelter. These adorable animals need love, care, and a forever home.